Getting Employee to Write Detailed Work Procedures

The people who are closer to the running of your company are the employees. Given that staffs are responsible for undertaking routine tasks and processes, they might be more aware of the procedures than you would. That said, it’s important to ensure that you have a manual that contains set instructions that are valuable to your company.

last updated Saturday, March 30, 2024
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How to Get Employees to Write Detailed Procedures of Their Work


An effective manual can be a result of the employee's direct input. In this case, employees can write detailed procedures of their tasks so as to complete the procedural manual. Here is how you can achieve that:

Ensure that the work that needs procedure is properly selected

Additionally, complicated tasks that involve many steps and activities that most people find difficult or confusing should have a detailed work procedure. The same applies to vital tasks that need to be completed without errors.

Encourage employees to start their awareness process

They might be required to take notes, and this is helpful for recalling how to undertake certain tasks. The employees should then have manuals or instructions that are vital in performing certain tasks.

Bring together all the employees that collaborate to accomplish a given task

Make an outline that describes the process. You can do this using a whiteboard or chalkboard so that everyone can see the steps involved. Ensure that each step starts with a verb because it makes the procedure more concise and action-oriented.

Work through the draft procedure.

Ensure that it outlines the process correctly and that it aims at concise instructions. If additional steps can be added by providing details on why they are valuable, then they should be included. Also, try to make adjustments or revisions where necessary.

Ensure that the user can envision the process

It’s important that you at least add images or diagrams.

Design the last draft of the procedures.

You should proofread the procedures and ensure that they are printed on standard paper. Then, they should be placed in binders and labeled clearly with a title along the spine. You should then put the documents in areas that employees can access as they perform their tasks.


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