Policies and Procedures for a Concession Stand

Policies and procedures for your concession stand must be in line with your overall business policy documents, government regulations for your industry and your landlord’s rules.

last updated Monday, April 1, 2024
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Policies and Procedures for a Concession Stand


Policies and procedures serve as guidelines for business operations and guide employees as they carry out their day-to-day business. A concession stand's policies and procedures document are pretty similar. Policies offer an approach to how you want your stand to run, while procedures give specific instructions on the processes to follow when accomplishing tasks. Both policies and procedures provide the order you need for your business; without them, your concession stand becomes disorganized and chaotic.

The Team

Policies offer specific guidelines such as reporting times, working hours, timeliness for emergencies and vacations, instructions on performance evaluation, how to dress, and cleanliness guidelines such as how to wash hands after handling a specific chemical. Procedures then offer instructions on recording working hours, addressing and responding to customers, and completing merchandising tasks. A comprehensive employee policies and procedures document ensures your concession stand stays staffed at all times, with guidelines on dealing with employees who do not follow the rules.


Operation policies offer guidelines on when to open the concession stand, how to serve customers from it, and how to sustain a healthy relationship with the venue. Procedures then guide you on the steps to follow when opening the stand, maintaining the cash register, accident reporting process, cleanliness of the stand, maintaining its appearance, receiving deliveries, and storing supplies, among others. Procedures are essential if you sell food to avoid going against health regulations.


Whether you encounter complex or pleasant customers, your policies should state that you treat them politely and attend to their needs equally. Your procedures will guide your employees in dealing with challenging customers and how to react to and report extreme incidents, such as alerting security officers or seeking medical assistance.


Your concession stand must meet the obligations of the landlord. Often, your landlord will issue rules you need to obey. Your landlord’s rules come with good intentions; they want you to operate your business successfully and improve customer experiences without causing unnecessary disruptions. Ensure you edit your policies and procedures document to match your landlord’s rules and requirements. 


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