Procedure and Policy Forums

Talking about procedures and policies is different from having a lively discussion and exchanging views. External training and discussing with people from other areas representing other organizations is essential.

last updated Saturday, March 23, 2024
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Procedure and Policy Forums


Procedures and policies are conjoint. Many forums have a format of question and response. Interaction is by posting a question and getting respondents, and at times, a discussion is triggered.

After posting, people check their reactions to others and reply to them. Since these sites are for business, there is a level of proficiency in the posts, and suitable politesse is used.

Forums of ISO Quality

The International Standards Organization sponsors this forum. It aims to establish a system of quality management observing standards like ISO 14000 and ISO 9001, with different forums for several standards. When there is little activity, many posts can get one reply.

On this site, a thread can be viewed thousands of times. Posting on this site can, at times, be slow, but it is popular for seeing other people’s views. Procedure and policy questions are often seen. If your organization meets the ISO standards, this site is beneficial.

Discussion Boards of ASQ

A section called Ask a Quality Professional, which is active, is included. The topic is mostly on general quality and a frequent topic on documentation. If you have other responsibilities other than the policies and procedures manual, this site is useful as it produces several responses.

TECHWR-L (TechWhirl)

A wide range of issues on technical communication is addressed. The editing and writing section is separated from the policies and procedures manual category. TECHWR-L is an archive site or blog where a story is shared through posters in article form and is commented on by others.

LinkedIn Groups

It is a traditional communication mode used by businesses. This community has many slots, such as the Bizmanualz Policies and Procedures manual Group. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities.


Facebook is a social site that is now common among people of all ages. As an exchange for information forums in business, it has attained its potential. Many companies use Facebook to communicate with customers.


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