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Find the best fit for your immigration strategy and investment goals for EB5 projects in USA local markets.
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What are EB 5 investment projects?

The EB 5 investment project is a single enterprise incorporated based on United States Citizenship and Immigration Services guidelines to support project investors with the immigration process.

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What is EB 5 project return on investment?

No systematically recorded projects or related returns are collected from the modern marketplace. However, the ROIs of EB5 projects are generally lower than those of similar projects outside the EB5 program requirements.

Is EB 5 investment refundable?

EB 5 investment has all the attributes of regular investment, including the investment loss.

What is EB5 Project minimum investment?

Applicants for the EB-5 visa are required to invest a minimum of $800,000 to $1.05 million.
The minimum investment amount under the EB 5 Visa program is $800,00. The main investment requirement is that the investment project be located in the Targeted Employment Area (TEA).

Type of Investment

Minimum EB5 Program Investment Amount

Targeted Employment Area


Non-Targeted Employment Area

table 1. EB-5 investment amount

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How much should I invest in EB5 investment projects?

There is no limit to the maximum amount you can invest in a project that supports an EB5 visa. However, minimum investment requirements must be met for each project. These requirements range from $800,000 to $1.05 million. You should speak with an investment advisor to determine the investment amount required for a particular project.

Can an EB 5 investment be a loan?

It is possible to use a loan, either entirely or partially, for EB-5 investment purposes. However, it is crucial to ensure that all loan proceeds still fulfill the eligibility requirements of the EB5 Program.

It is recommended to consult an investment advisor to understand how to support loan documents and other significant considerations.

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