How to Write a Standard Operations Procedure Manual

The standard operations procedure is typically known as the standard operating procedure manual. This is a document written to outline the guidelines, step by step on how to accomplish a precise task or even how to handle circumstances when it rises in the place of work.

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How to Write a Standard Operations Procedure Manual


If every staff member follows the steps outlined in the standard operating procedure manual, a positive outcome can be achieved. Depending on the company's structure, separate manuals may exist for each department, or a single manual may contain guidelines for the whole company. The process of creating a standard operating procedure manual involves several steps:

Rough draft

Make a rough draft of each standard operating procedure you need to include. Because the manual is a collection of precise standard operating procedures, create a list of every task you need to include. This draft will serve as your guide to guarantee that you include every function in the manual.


Write an introduction that directly communicates with the users of the manual. In the introduction, include a short description of the manual's contents, the readers’ expectations while using it, and the best way to use it, for instance, using it as a reference to search for when situations arise in the place of work.

Write the first task.

To complete the manual, you must start with one task at a time. Start with the first task in your rough draft. Outline the steps for accomplishing each task and continue doing the same for each step. Ensure that all the steps are pure and brief; give sufficient information so anyone can follow the guidelines.

Have someone else read the SOP.

Give the standard operating procedure to anyone to read it through. It can be an employee or someone you are familiar with. These individuals can offer suggestions if there are steps that they cannot comprehend or accomplish.

Upgrade the SOP

The standard operating procedure will then be improved according to the suggestions. You can rewrite, add, or edit the instructions or perform all three in the manual.

Write the following standard operating procedure.

Write the next SOP while repeating the same for steps 3 to 5

Compile the entire SOP into a bidder, including the cover page

Distribute to all employees and encourage regular feedback and updates when appropriate


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