Would Company Policies Exist Without Documentation

The management of a policies and procedures manual gives the foundation for GRC (governance, risk assessment, and compliance program). Business or professional management is how you direct and take control of your organization. Risk assessment, on the other hand, is handling various risks in your business entity - whether you eradicate, reduce or accept them.

last updated Monday, July 8, 2024
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Would Company Policies Exist Without Documentation


Consent is meeting the required standards. Consent monitoring is a continuous procedure ensuring that professional governance and risk assessment programs work. Some examples are:

  • Supporting the needs of your enterprise
  • Adhere to IT-related standards

Increase of Risks and Regulations

As years pass, regulations increase, more threats arise, and more consent activities are intended to fight those issues. People resources need a system of learning, management, and awareness. More risks and regulations will require more people, resources, and administration coordination.

Ways in which Growing organizations face potential challenges

They provide administration, visibility, staff awareness, and the basis of your consent supervising activities.

List down all procedures.

Process documentation helps you make it less complex. Your governing approach will form the basis for all your organization's policies. The risks you identify and their responses will help form the internal control framework filed in the procedures. Additionally, your company policies and procedures drive the total compliance costs.  

Automate Company policies

This is essential to any business with a strong governance program. In addition to functional requirements, risks, staff, and many geographic locations, management software should be considered for policy and procedures. Otherwise, things may just fall, and your governance program will also decay.

The new Software as a Service (SaaS) technology eliminates the need for your IT department to install policy software, purchase hardware, and maintain a new product. Your SaaS policies and procedures manual will provide the fastest start-up, the lowest cost, and the most minor headaches.

Procedure Guide

Remember not to reinvent the wheel. Some examples of company guide policies and procedures are easy-to-use guides and can be found online.

Policies and Procedures Management Software

Investing in policy and procedure management software will help reduce any complexities your business may face. This software can significantly enhance your governance, risk management, and compliance program. You can also lower compliance costs and complexity and improve compliance.


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