Software for Procedure and Policy Management

There are requirements for procedures and policies when writing policy for a company, business and a manual. Some fundamental aspects of procedure and policy management are control, reporting, and sharing.

last updated Saturday, March 23, 2024
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Software for Procedure and Policy Management


Procedure and Policy Management

After writing your procedures and policies, you should provide an easy means for everyone to access and share the last procedure and policy documents. The internet will enable mobile devices to access them quickly.

Control of Documents

Version control of all documents includes a smooth workflow of audiences and approvers for every form. Exquisite care is essential to ensure that the staff utilizes only the present version.

Policy procedure compliance

When writing policy and procedure manuals for a submission (JCAHO, ISO, ITIL, and FDA)obligation, you will require a particular type of revision control to ensure that all the documents released are reread and approved before release. On the other hand, you will need access control to ensure that only a particular staff member can access the documents if they are private records.

Procedure management reports

The administration will need to know what document version has been released, who read them, and the status of all document modifications is. You should use reminders to review your policies and procedures manual yearly.

File servers serve documents. However, they have restricted document control features. Because manually printed policies and procedures manual are burdensome, sluggish and undependable, there is a new document management software called policy and procedure management software.

The software is all about sharing, reporting, and control. Your work will need to utilize the policy and procedures, and you will also need document control for compliance and effectiveness.

Procedure controlling workflow

The workflow is the main difference between policy and procedure management software and document management software. A document version can be logged and managed quickly in a database; a document workflow needs business logic, like a set of guidelines and particular workflow state authorization, to move forward.

Policy and procedure management software can convert documents from Word to PDF, send emails, and maintain a point of supply list with the logging “Required reading.”

What to look for

The new cloud-based SaaS policy and procedure management software is suitable for you if you want to share documents with your workers.


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