7 Steps on How to Develop a Protocol or Procedures Manual

Protocols or procedures are ways that policies and procedures manual, principle, or rule is carried out. You can think of it as a set of instructions.

last updated Tuesday, April 30, 2024
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7 Steps on How to Develop a Protocol or Procedures Manual


A policies and procedures manual assists small businesses in being productive and ensures that they perform tasks similarly. This tool can benefit organizations by enabling them to review their protocols or procedures annually to ensure they are updated and reflect the current objectives.

Identify a rule that requires a procedure to be attached to it.

This will help you understand the policy's objective, for instance, increasing productivity, solving a problem, ensuring high quality of products or services, and preventing potential conflict. You can consider protocols used in the past to determine if they can help on particular issues.

Determine whether your staff will need additional equipment or skills to complete the procedure.

For instance, a procedure that involves scanning documents and changing them to electronic files may also need you to train some staff members. Additionally, a company-wide document may be necessary to explain how to access electronic files to your employees.

Create a step-by-step procedure.

Ensure that all instructions are easy to follow and clearly understood by everyone who may follow the procedure. Consider using layperson's terms most of the time to avoid confusion.

Test the protocol.

Test the protocol by distributing the instructions to test groups composed of three to five people. Allow them to run a trial. Request them to document any challenges that they encounter when executing the policies and procedures manual, and let them suggest unique ways to improve the protocol.

Review the findings of the test groups.

Identify actual problems with the procedure. For instance, the test groups may have discovered that there would be gridlock if the company invested only in one scanner with several users. Ensure that you amend the protocol as needed.

Finalize the policies and procedures manual.

Please send it to the management team for approval. Get feedback from the supervisors and make any necessary changes.

Create a final document that will outline the policies and procedures.

Distribute the paper to the employees or other people who may be affected by it. Remember to follow up with the staff to ensure all instructions are understandable.


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