LinkedIn Sales Navigator, GMail & CRM: Working Together to Boost Sales

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sales professionals rely on many tools to get their job done with the ultimate objective of getting closer to the customer, understanding their needs and building trusted relationships.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator, GMail & CRM: Working Together to Boost Sales
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How many lead generation tools do you employ for your B2B company? Excellent sales professionals employ several strategies to get the job done with the primary objective of building trustworthy relationships with the clients.

The Sales Navigator can be run on platforms that you’re already familiar with to unlock the massive potential in business 2 business marketing consistently. You will in a short while discover three Sales Navigator enhancements that can transform the success of your sales teams.

Here are the enhancements:

CRM Sync with Sales Navigator

Vendors are now providing a deeper integration of Sales Navigator and CRM data to control the quality of accounts being saved for B2B lead generation. You only import relevant accounts from the user’s Salesforce CRM. Initially, users would spend lots of time manually figuring out which leads would be most beneficial. However, with this new sync, the process has been automated with all relevant CRM leads and accounts being imported automatically into the Sales Navigator.

Using Sales Navigator with Gmail

Sales Navigator can be directly integrated with Gmail. This allows users to interact with insights in their Sales Navigator using the much familiar Gmail as they ordinarily communicate with contacts. You can access your public social contacts and LinkedIn profiles and save contacts in Sales Navigator at the comfort of your Gmail inbox. The icebreaker and team link functionalities in Gmail enable users to build a rapport through warm introductions. It’s simple to download Sales Navigator for Gmail using the Google Chrome web store.

Using Mobile Discovery in Sales Navigator

Over 25% of users purely rely on Sales Navigator App. It is, therefore, important that the mobile experience is used optimally. The Discovery features on mobile apps will further simplify the application of apps to find new leads and accounts. Under the new tab, users will view daily recommendations for leads and accounts based on their preferences. You can receive up to ten recommendations that expire after 24 hours. This feature can be accessed using Android and iOS apps.

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