The Different Types of Company Procedures and Policies

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Monday, July 3, 2017

Company’s procedures and policies are the guiding rules of conduct in an organization which outlines the responsibilities of both employer and employee. The rules are put in place in a bid to protect the business interest of employers and also the rights of workers.
Examples of Company Policies & Procedures
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Depending on what the organization needs, various procedures and policies outline the conduct of employees, privacy, dress code, attendance as well as different areas relating to the terms and conditions of employment.

The employee conduct

The employee behavior is part of the policy that establishes the responsibility and duties that each employee should follow as terms of employment. Conduct policies are usually laid out to act as a guiding tool in ensuring appropriate employee behavior, and they involve things such as computer and internet usage, harassment policies, work safety procedure, and proper dress code. These policies also do outline the procedures in which employers can utilize to deal with inappropriate behavior such as employee termination and warnings.

Equal opportunities

Equal opportunity policies are guiding rules that help in promoting fairness at the workplace. Many organizations often implement equal opportunity laws, affirmative action, and anti-discrimination so as to encourage proper behavior at the workplace. The policies are meant to curb inappropriate behaviors in regards to sexual orientation, gender, race, or any cultural beliefs within the organization.

Attendance and time off

Time off and attendance policies do set guidelines that are used in ensuring that employees stick to the work schedule. Under the attendance policies, there are clear outlines on when time offs can be scheduled or channels in which supervisors can be notified in case of late arrival or absence. For example, some employers require the employees shouldn’t be absent beyond the stated number of times. The attendance policy also discusses some of the disciplinary measures they can face if they don’t stick to such guidelines.

Drugs and substance abuse

A lot of organizations do have substance abuse policy that restricts the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs within the working hours. The ban also includes its use during companies function or within the companies’ property, and also outlines smoking procedures that employees can follow if they have to smoke within the companies’ vicinity. Under the same policy, there is a section on steps that are taken in case one is suspected of using drugs or alcohol.

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