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Benefits of our alternative investments

At Paperfree, we specialize in alternative investments backed by real estate or commodities - farmland. We believe that investments in alternatives are critical building blocks of an intelligent investment portfolio.
But vetting alternative investments to accurately evaluate the risks and identify high-return potential opportunities is challenging and requires in-depth understanding.
We build innovative processes with access points to boutique opportunities and offer you exclusive access to them. Our connections give us access to opportunities simply not available anywhere else.
Finding suitable alternative strategies depends on your goals. Our platform provides a variety of strategies to support your needs.

Investments are backed by Assets, Real Estate.

We focus on investment opportunities where the collateral is real estate. And collateral supports the whole capital stock, debt, and equity.
backed by real estate
Lower volatility, above-market returns.

Alternatives have historically demonstrated the ability to improve risk/return versus traditional portfolios.

Investor's and offering's goals are aligned.

Our investment offerings' goals are capital preservation and capital growth. We invest alongside our investors driven by the same investment objectives.

Our real estate investment strategies. LEARN MORE

At Paperfree, we specialize in alternative investment strategies backed by real estate and commodities.

Invest across the capital stack.

real estate private equity
real estate private debt

Invest across property types.

Industrial real estate investment strategy

multifamily investment strategy

Office Medical
investing in medical office buildings strategy

Office Workplace
investing in office buildings strategy 

Invest across development stages.

Value add real estate investing
Core real estate investing

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