Systematic and decentralized institutional-grade private equity real estate opportunities

Papefree provides access to diversified alternative investment opportunities backed by the scale and resources of a global franchise.


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Our strategy 

step 1. We acquire underperforming and undervalued income streams backed by real estate assets throughout the United States.
step 2. We reinvigorate business performance through:
    2.1. operating efficiencies and management optimization,
    2.2. real estate asset repositioning, strategic improvements in order to change its place in the marketplace.
step 3. We hold the business for maximum returns, share with our investors and partners.

Our investment guidelines

1. Acquire on a value basis, with a goal to maximize return on capital.
2. Be ready to go against the crowd, be open-minded.
3. Think long term.
4. Diversify by sector, geography, and timing reducing exposure to movement in any single market and minimizing volatility.

Our investment criteria

1. Asset type
   1.2. Affordable and mixed-income housing.
   1.3. Assisted living facility, skilled memory care facilities.
   1.4. Healthcare offices.
2. Discount on replacement cost > 25%
3. Debt-Service Coverage Ratio (acquisition day or short future) > 1.05
4. NOI (proforma, 24 months) = NOI (acquisition day)*1.25
5. Value by Cap Rate (proforma, 24 months) > $1.4M.
6. Geographic focus areas: FL, CT, MI, TX, MA, GA.

Our real estate investment opportunities

Our goals:
1.  Deliver stable and growing distribution for our investors.
2.  Protect our investors against downside risk.

Paperfree Fund Z

Fund status - pre sale.
Preferred Return: 8%
Targeted hold period: 2-year lockup period with redemption abilities afterward
Minimum investment:
   Class A - $500,000
   Class B - $100,000
   Class C - $50,000
Fund Term: Evergreen - No end date

Portfolio Investment



*Accredited Investors must meet ONE of these guidelines:
Net worth exceeding $1 Million, excluding primary residence
Individual annual income over $200,000
Joint annual income over $300,000

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