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Paperfree Capital Management provides access to real estate investment opportunities that have a high potential for forced and passive appreciation.

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About Paperfree Capital Management

Paperfree Capital Management develops unique alternative investment products that provide attractive risk-adjusted returns while protecting investor capital.
The company strives to create investment opportunities with superior management teams, future-proof asset classes, and distinct product structures that can provide durable income or/and growth potential, reduced volatility, and low correlation to traditional markets.

Track Record

Offering #MF_78

Strategy: opportunistic & value - add
Asset type: multi-family
Risk profile: medium

Year     Net Cash Flow
0           -$170,000.00           Initial investment
1           $0.00
2           $0.00
3           $1,260,000.00         Upcoming exit

Total Cash Distributions: $1,260,000.00
Total Equity Invested: $170,000.00
Equity Multiple: 8.4x
IRR, internal rate of return, levered: 103.3%

Offering #SF_34

Strategy: value - add
Asset type: single-family
Risk profile: low

Year     Net Cash Flow
0           -$50,000.00        Initial investment
1           $0.00
2           $70,000.00         Exit

Total Cash Distributions: $70,000.00
Total Equity Invested: $50,000.00
Equity Multiple: 1.4x
IRR, internal rate of return, levered: 18.3%

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Why us

Bet on obvious trends

> USA population will get older.
> Dwellings will get smaller.
> Housing affordability crisis will grow.
> People will relocate frequently.
> Institutional capital will dominate all asset classes.
> Sharing economy will spread across all asset classes.
> Offline retail will be about experience or convenience.
> The future of the workplace is mobile, global, hosted by co-working spaces or residential dwellings.
> Service labor will stay local.
> E-commerce will dominate the rest of the transactional industries.

True diversification

Investments diversified by real estate sector, geography, and timing to reduce exposure to movement in any single market and minimizing volatility.

Empower operations

Each investment has unique circumstances, challenges, and paths to success. To maximize an outcome we assemble the best fit operations for each opportunity.


Paperfree | Capital Growth

Target IRR



The product's goal is to maximize return on capital.


A hybrid of opportunistic and value-add strategies.

How it works

step 1: We acquire underperforming income streams.
step 2: We boost Net operating income (NOI) and compress Capitalization rate (CAP) through reinvigorating cross-business performance.
2.a.: operating efficiencies,
2.b.: management optimization,
2.c.: real estate asset strategic improvements in order to improve its place in the marketplace.
step 3: We exit
 based on increased value through re-financing or selling.

Investment guidelines

1. Acquire on a value basis.
2. Go against the crowd.
2. Think long-term.

Investment criteria

1. Asset type:
   1.2. Housing.
   1.2.1. Affordable and mixed-income.
   1.2.2. B and B plus class.
   1.3. Assisted living facility, skilled memory care facilities.
   1.4. Offices.
   1.5. Multi-use inherited.
2. Discount on replacement cost > 25%.
3. Debt-Service Coverage Ratio at acquisition day within 8 months future > 1.05.
4. NOI in 24 months =  NOI (acquisition day) + 25%.
5. 24 months proforma Value > $1.4M.
6. Geographic:
7. Location. Historical population growth > 2% last 5 years.
8. Location. The strong local economy: taxation, strong employment drivers.


*Accredited Investors must meet ONE of these guidelines:
Net worth exceeding $1 Million, excluding primary residence
Individual annual income over $200,000
Joint annual income over $300,000

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