Standard Operating Procedure: Startup Restaurant businesses

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Operating a restaurant can be an uptight thing. However, a standard operating procedure can help it run smoothly even in that hectic environment.  You can get the operating procedures for every task in the restaurant from the restaurant’s standard operating procedure manual.
Standard Operating Procedure: Startup Restaurant businesses
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All of your workers will have a reliable guideline through you standard operating procedure manual. Therefore, your entire guest will enjoy a specialized and classy dining experience.

Food Safety

A standard operating procedure for a startup restaurant business should cover subjects like kitchen supervision and procedures for food safety and hygiene, especially when food is prepared on the building. Operating procedures for food security should indicate that food is bought from permitted suppliers and safe drinking water is also used for food preparation. There is no contamination from raw animal foods, the kitchen has been disinfected, and sinks for washing hands are reachable and equipped with cleansers and paper towels.

Alcohol and Set Menu

The location of your restaurant can affect the sale of alcohol. This is because some areas do not allow the sale of alcohol in restaurants. After founding a location, your operational schedule with the procedure on gaining permits and serving alcohol. The process of changing list of options should also be included in the standard operating procedures in the business idea.

Kitchen Supervision

During the training of waiters for quality regulation, a standard operations procedure manual for serving food and drinks is vital. The standard operations procedure should include instructions like; the waiters should serve hot food in the correct ratios and with the proper condiments. If needed, drinks are served with eye-catching accompaniments, dishes; cutlery and glasses should be clean at all times. You should also encourage your workers to judge the food with their eyes. If the food does not look good and attractive, then it should not be served.

Procedures Improvement

To enable your restaurant function well even in a hectic environment, you should put together the standard operating procedures for your restaurant. Your workers can help you in the process by making a comprehensive portrayal of their tasks, citing everything they do. To the role, add any forms and checklist with guidelines on how every job of the task should be carried out. To make the process more manageable, break the tasks down.

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