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EB 5 direct investment projects for investors looking for maximum return and control of investment.

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Benefits of EB5 Direct Investment Projects

  • Return on Investment.
    Investors who choose to make direct investments in EB-5 Investment Projects have the potential to earn limitless earnings. However, it is essential to note that foreign direct investments have higher risks as the applicant's earnings depend entirely on the project's success.

  • Accountability.
    Foreign direct investors are solely responsible for providing documentation from the planning stage and throughout the project, as they don't have an intermediary.

  • Limited Opportunities are available for a few.
    It is essential to remember that Eb5 Direct Investment projects account for only 10% of the entire Eb5 investment market value. This type of strategy is not very active in the Eb5 investment marketplace. As a result, investors need to build their own opportunities pipeline.

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