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edited Sunday, July 23, 2017

Using a standard operating procedure will reduce uncertainty amongst the employees because you will have a detailed and clear standard operating procedure guide.

Have a Title Page

Put a title at the top part of the page in large print. Right below the title, include the name of your business. Be very specific about the branch of your business in case you have several branches in various parts.  Include the date and a revision number in case it’s not the first version. Put the date and signatures of the author and those who approved the document at the end.

Create a Table of Contents

List each segment and its page briefly on the Standard Operation Procedure to make it easier to find the information in the standard operating procedure by the users.

Create a segment in the standard operating procedure

Outline procedures for different activities at your beauty facility. For example, if you make any product for your clients, include detailed steps in preparing the client’s skin for treatment, equipment to be used and the finishing process. Other procedures should be listed in this section, for instance, waxing, giving facials, applying makeup and others.

Include a section for any equipment

In the procedure section, you have already listed the use of various machines and equipment in the facility. In this section, you only need to list all the machines and equipment down and their model numbers.

List all chemicals used at your facility

This may be prepared with the help of the Environmental Protection Agency’s guide including, mud masks and chemical facial peels.

Include emergency standard operating procedures for any hazards

In the case of an accident, list the precautions which can be taken. However, this will depend on the type of your business.

Test your Standard Operating Procedure manual before you release it to your employees

Let someone else other than yourself read the standard operating procedure. The person will help you determine whether the document is well-written. After it’s through, the tester will have to sign on the title page along with the author.


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