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Rural EB-5 Projects for Investors looking for priority processing.

Rural EB5 TEA projects pushed by Eb5 Reform to expedite category.


The Benefits of Rural EB-5 Projects

  1. Reduced Minimum Investment
    A project located in a rural area that meets the criteria set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) qualifies as a targeted employment area (TEA).
    Investors who choose to invest in TEA projects can benefit from a reduced investment amount of $800,000, which is lower than the standard minimum of $1,050,000.
  2. Priority Processing
    The EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 has introduced a significant advantage for TEA (Targeted Employment Area) projects. This act has reserved 32% of EB-5 visas for TEA investments, providing priority processing for investors and their families. Of the 32%, 10% is for high-unemployment TEAs, 2% is for public infrastructure TEAs, and 20% is for rural TEAs.
    This reserved visa category will allow them to expedite the immigration process, essentially allowing them to "skip the line" ahead of other applicants.
    As fewer projects are typically available for EB-5, this reserved visa category is expected to facilitate quicker visa processing for investors. USCIS, known for lengthy EB-5 petition processing, may see improvements in processing times, especially for investors in rural TEA projects.

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