Security and Health Safety Procedures for the Workplace

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Monday, July 17, 2017

Employees in a healthy, safe and secure environment concentrate on their work better and show better productivity. Creating such an environment begins with a health safety and security procedures policy.
Security and Health Safety Procedures for the Workplace
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Working towards providing a healthy, safe and secure workplace is crucial to maintaining and employees, guests, and facilities against accidents. You should review your safety procedure regularly with the help of the management team to ensure it stays updated.


According to Onecle, an online legal resource, employers from Texas cannot discriminate against employees with communicable diseases such as HIV. The most effective health policy is one that works to inform and protect employees with a strong basis for training and education. Proper employee training in how to manage and prevent diseases in the workplace can reduce the fear that is likely to come in the face of a flu outbreak or when there is something more serious. The right education also helps you and your employees understand the reality of communicable diseases, their effects, transmission, preventive measures and safety precautions at an individual and organizational level.


A safe workplace begins with safe habits. A common workplace hazard is falling; ensure your policy addresses falling as a potential hazard and includes preventive measures such as removing obstacles a log walk ways and keeping the floor dry. Additionally, employees need to put clear warning signs if their work poses risks, such as ‘cleaning in progress, beware of slippery floors’. Legible and visible warning signs around danger zones are also quite useful in maintaining a safe environment.


One way to reduce work stress is to ensure you provide a secure environment. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, you should install a badge system that limits entry into specific areas to authorized individuals. In case you lay off or fire an employee, make sure you cancel their badge immediately and deny them further access to the facility. This prevents revenge accidents, where the employee can plot to re-enter your workplace and commit a violent crime. Additionally, upgrade your security system to include surveillance cameras to monitor everyone entering and leaving the building. You should also up skill your security personnel to better handle security breaches and improve their emergency response.

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