Why do You Need a Sales Playbook Template

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a sales playbook template includes detailed steps that are meant to standardize all repetitive functions that an organization performs. A sales playbook template includes all steps that standardize the routing sales functions to ensure that each and every employee in an organization that is involved in the sales process continues to perform the sales functions in a similar way every time.

last updated Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Why do You Need a Sales Playbook Template


According to professionals, a sales playbook template not only standardizes tasks but also reduces and streamlines work because necessary and time-consuming decision-making steps become unnecessary when steps involved in completing a sales task are planned and thought through in advance. Typical sales playbook templates govern international sales, internet sales, and returns.

International Sales

An international sales playbook template includes all procedures to be followed when selling particular services or goods of an organization in global commerce. An international sales playbook template should address currency conversion, delivery through customs, the origination of financing in case financing is required, the procurement and payment of permits and licenses that may be necessary during the transfer of particular services or goods, paying and contracting of independent inspectors before shipping, and also international insurance.

Internet Sales Playbook Templates

Internet sales playbook templates include all the details and procedures an organization uses to sell its products via the Internet. These sales playbook templates should always include detailed instructions regarding taking and posting pictures of an item and drafting texts that describe the item. Such a sales playbook template should also be designed to track all essential information, for instance, the number of items on sale at each given time, the number of items already sold, and the buyer’s information to help in future advertising campaigns. A sales playbook template should be drafted in a step-by-step manner to ensure that all new employees follow it to sell an item like an experienced employee would.

Product Returns

Sales Playbook templates should also govern the return of goods by providing both customers and employees with the process that explains how to return items, how they should be received, and what to expect after they return the goods. Therefore, whether an employee is new or an expert, returns will always be handled similarly.


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