Examples of Company Policies

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Updated on Thursday, September 21, 2023

Business policies are a general declaration that is embraced by a business. The policies set out what the business stands for and what the objectives of the company are. Every business policy is supported by procedure manuals which are instigated to describe how to apply the policies to the businesses’ clients.
Examples of Company Policies
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The procedure manual is also implemented to describe how the policies can be applied to the staffs, products and also guidelines required to follow the procedure manuals. Illustrations of areas where businesses usually introduce policies are human resource, accounting, customer service and ethics.

Human Resource

Policies enforced in the human resource area addresses matters, for instance, employing and termination, promotion and payment increase, benefits and discipline. For illustration, a regular human resource policy that is implemented to address employment can read. “New employs shall be imperiled to a five-month experimental period during which work is at- will.”


Accounting is all about how money is handled in a company.  Therefore, the accounting policies also deal with how money is handled, both the expenditure and the certification of In-flow and out-flow. For instance, a typical accounting policy concerning receipt of donations to a company may read. “Donations of stock, bonds, art, and antiques are recorded. The documented information can be available to officers, stakeholders, and the workforce.

Customer Service

Customer service policies address issues regarding the relationship between the workers and the customers. For instance, a customer service policy may read. “All employees should deal with the clients. Regardless of your position.” Employees can also be told to represent the company as they would represent their families. Employees can improve customer relationship by answering phones before three rings, transfer office calls correctly, and give updates if likely and treating others in a way you would like to be treated if you were a client.


Policies for ethical conduct are implemented to address issues like integrity, respect, fairness, and honesty.

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