Business Procedure Guides and Standard Operating Procedures: Know the Difference

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Sunday, July 23, 2017

There might be a little difference in the description of the two terms. However, both documents give guidelines to the workers for business operations and tasks performed. Business process guide breaks down the resources and steps necessary to complete a particularly complicated business process.

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Businesses use the standard operating procedure manuals to give instructions for implementing the company’s approved policies.

Standard Operating Procedure

SOP manuals also provide standardization and control business operations and processes. But the standard operating procedure manuals enable the workers to function with little command, and there is increased responsibility because every staff member has access to the standard operating procedure hence they should be performed in the same way. Combined with policy, SOP defines the business. Regarding scope to give directions, influence behavior and making sure that every task is allied with policy, SOP is commonly broader. Some corporations use a SOP like a business process guide.

Business Process Guide

These processes are done to reach exact decisions. The business process guide offers a level of standardization and parameter that is serious for reasons linked to safety, customer relations, profit and supervisory issues. The business process guide should also include the trigger events, for instance, an employee leaving, anticipated result and the goal.

Detail and Scope

The specificity and the level of detail are the two most significant dissimilarities between business process guide and standard operating procedure manuals. The standard operating procedure might give information about personal subjects like payroll, punitive actions; leave policies, policy reports about harassment, organization diagrams and other vital issues in the place of work.

A business process guide leaves nothing to gamble and gives detailed and unchangeable guidelines for implementing the task using termed resources like software and other technologies.

Procedures and Processes

Some types of businesses standardize the process to control large and compound relations even if standard operating procedure regulates work processes to guarantee that policy is followed. With processes that need planning to monitor to synchronize the work of numerous places, business partners, employees and resources, business processes are usually useful. Business guides also help evaluate and expand the business systems. Business processes often include diagrams or drawings that portray the stream of action in the company. Standard operating procedure changes only when the policy changes. However, business process guide differs from each process it defines.

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