All You Need to Know about an Employee code of conduct

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Monday, July 10, 2017

An employee code of conduct is vital in protecting your company and enlightening the workers of the expectations. Every kind of organization, small or large should develop an employee code of conduct which is usually combined by an employee handbook.

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The documents, therefore, should not contain content that is compound and should not also be decorative in design. However, the potential benefits of every worker documents should balance the cost and time of creating them.

Code of conduct

An employee code of conduct contains the expectations and outlines the standard behaviors. However, it is different from the employee code of ethics in that it provides information relevant to the persons and their conduct on the occupation. However, it may contain comprehensive branch information from the business’s code of ethics. Most of the companies want their workers to sign the employee code of conduct. It then becomes a legal contract between the manager and the employee. A copy is kept in the employees' file for certification if needed.


The drive of an employee code of conduct is to develop and maintain a stock of behavior that is tolerable to the company, customers, the salespersons and other employees. Even if the code of conduct may be different, they all include behavior guidelines that replicate how a company observes its image

Legitimate Tool

An employee code of conduct is considered as a legal document because it has been signed. They, therefore, can be used as a penalizing tool for employee breaches. It is compulsory that an employment lawyer or an experienced human resource professional have a look at the document before executing to make sure that it does not violate any law.

Blanket phrases

Blanked phrases usually state that the workers decide to follow the guidelines published in an employee guidebook. Employee codes of conducts differ from one another. However, they must include overall phrases to of devotion to company policies and ethics.

Information to comprise

The employee code of conduct should be created with a language that is vibrant. It may include the ban of illegal activities, privacy expectations, expected dressing system, the way for calling in sick, and process for reporting emergency cases. Pair the code of conduct themes and statements to a simply understood list of the most vital codes of conduct. A blanket statement can cover the others.

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