Do you Need a Policy and Procedure Management Software?

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Thursday, August 10, 2017

If you are responsible for the company policy and procedure manual, you know that the work needed to make it possible. You need to focus on reporting, control, and sharing.
Time for Policy and Procedure Management Software
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Management of Policy and Procedure

Once you have your policies and procedures, you will need to come up with a sharing method to ensure quick and easy access to the document, including via mobile devices.


Control of version edits and revisions requires you to create an easy workflow for the reviews and approvals team. You also need to manage it carefully so that staff can only access the most recent version.


If you are writing a policy and procedures document for a compliance procedure, you must ensure all documents go through extensive reviews and approval before the release date. Private documents also need access control to limit unauthorized staff members from viewing them.

Procedure Management Reports

The management team needs to know the document versions you release, who access’ them and the status of documents under review, with reminders for documents that need periodic reviews.

The focus is in the management of documents. Paper-based management is tried and tested; however, it is highly cumbersome, unreliable and slow. File servers, on the other hand, serve documents, but with limited control features. The new document management software offers easy access, with a magnitude of control features for easier sharing, control, and reporting.

Work Flow Management

Policy and procedure management software differs from document management software in the workflow management. You can easily log and management documents in the database. You can pass the document through different checks and approvals, convert it to PDF and send emails to different people at different stages.

Features of a Policy and Procedure Management Software

The best document software for sharing is the cost effective cloud based SaaS policy and procedure software. You have a central server, with a common software code base, making it affordable: you do not have to set up an IT department with in-house servers to support and maintain the software within your premises.

The reality is that everyone is looking for a cost effective solution to policies and procedures management. The option is to find a solution that is cheaper than your paper-based system. Choose a specialty procedure and policy management software and save on costs.

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