What It Costs To Write Policies And Procedures

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Sunday, July 30, 2017

Most people wonder whether developing a policy and procedure manual is expensive. But is this the right question?

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When preparing policies and procedures documents, there are things to consider:

  1. The cost.
  2. The time value for not creating policies and procedures.
  3. The cost of creating and not using policies and procedure.

The value of creating policies and procedure

When we talk about the value of writing, we refer to labor cost. Someone has to do the research for you, make sure you get the best experts and write a policy and procedure manual. The costs include personnel costs, continuing cost of operation, skills, and tools.

If you are doing it yourself, make sure you get a manager who is familiar with policies and procedures manual so that he can go through your work and approve it. You can also involve other professionals like lawyers on the subject involved. When you are done, the rules are read to be released to those who will use them.  This includes training to introduce the documents and ensure you have revision control, then follow up to make sure they are being used correctly.

Value of not creating policies and procedures

You will lose customers due to poor services and not realizing your mistakes because of not creating a policies and procedure manual. This is also often caused by not having properly defined business processes.  Poor or non-existence of policy and procedure manual result in inferior quality and losses because of squandering, fraud, and misuse of business and other recourse.

To avoid the loss, it is always good to prepare the policies and procedure documents because compared to the loss, it is much cheaper.

The value of creating policies and procedures and not being used

There is value in coming up with policy and procedure manual. It consumes time and resources, yet the policies not being used can be a significant loss. Just imagine a company that spends a lot of time to produce the document, and they don’t use them instead they file the documents.

How expensive it is if the policies and procedures are not developed

Policy and procedure manual is necessary because the help you do away with some practices like fraud, poor customer service, and low quality. Once the document is used correctly, there must be a definite improvement in business.

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