Hard Money Fix and Flip

Hard Money Fix and Flip by Manhattan Bridge Capital

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Requirements and details 

Hard Money Lender in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, SI, Manhattan Manhattan
Loans to finance purchases and repairs for quick sales (also known as fix and flip)

Experience NA
Credit Score Minimum NA
Interest Rate NA
Points NA
Advance Rate On Purchase NA
Advance Rate On Rehab NA
ARV 65%
Property Types Single Family, Multi Family, Mixed Use
Pre-Pay Penalty  NA
Extensions   NA
Blanket Loans  NA
Loan Size $100K – $2M
Loan Terms 12 Mo., Borrowers must pay interest only monthly and the principal at maturity. We insist on a first mortgage position and personal guarantees from the borrower's principals. We request, as added collateral, the equity position of the borrower’s principals in the borrower.

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