6 Types of commercial hard money lenders

Check out the article of on 6 types of commercial hard money lenders to get a brief knowledge about the different types of hard money loans.

last updated Thursday, June 22, 2023
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6 Types of commercial hard money lenders


Hard money lenders offer capital to businesses and individuals to finance business development projects or buy real estate. Hard money loans are mainly used for real estate transactions, such as commercial development or reintegration projects. 

There are several types of commercial hard money lenders that you can consider when you need a hard money loan. Here are the different types of commercial hard money lenders.

Commercial Banks

Commercial banks are a type of commercial hard money lenders that you may choose. They offer a variety of lending programs for your use. You can get any loan that you will need to expand your business.

Mortgage Banks

You may consider looking at mortgage banks to buy a mortgage. These commercial hard money lenders provide the money you will require to purchase a property. Mortgage bankers risk their capital to fund your mortgage loan. Therefore they do not have to disclose the price at which they sell their mortgage to another company. The loan terms are concise, and you must come up with payment at the end of the mortgage.

Mortgage Brokers

You may also consider a mortgage broker as a commercial hard money lender. There is a significant difference between mortgage banks and mortgage brokers. A mortgage broker is a middleman between the borrower, homeowner, and mortgage lender. They have different lending sources that can make your deal possible. Mortgage brokers will help you secure the loan you need to buy a property.

Finance Firms

There are a variety of financial companies that provide hard money loans to businesses. These are one of the traditional commercial hard money lenders that many businesses prefer. The hard money loans that are obtained through finance companies are secured.

Credit Unions

Other commercial hard money lenders that you might consider are credit unions. They are associated with several advantages. For instance, they are a non-profit organization and can offer you the cheapest rates because no tax is charged. It may be hard to find a credit union, depending on where you live. This is because some of them are limited to certain businesses and organizations.

Online Borrowing Companies

This is one of the best alternatives if you are looking for commercial hard money lenders. Many commercial hard money lenders do their businesses online. The availability of a search engine has made it easy to find commercial hard money lenders. If you have skills working with online commercial hard money lenders, you can secure a hard money loan to conduct your business from the luxury of your home.

When looking for commercial hard money lenders, ensure they do business in your area. This is because; many are licensed to operate in certain regions only. Don’t risk starting a process the borrowing process until you are sure.


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