How to Find Private Money Lenders

To see the next deal, real estate investors use days, hours, weeks, and months. Some get lucky and find their deal within the first few prospects. To others, it takes months to only viewing opportunities after prospects just to get a deal.

last updated Wednesday, May 17, 2023
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How to Find Private Money Lenders


The hardest part is finding money for your real estate investments. Without money, you can’t complete the equation. You must actively bring private money lenders to negotiate a deal and fund real estate investment opportunities.

Private money lender

A private money lender is a non-bank company or individual that lends money secured by a note or a deed of trust to fund or finance a real estate transaction. Private money lenders are always considered association-based than commercial hard money lenders.

Why choose a private money lender?

Spending excessive time learning ways of finding and typing deals and less time on how to raise fair capital from private money lenders is the biggest mistake that new real estate investors make. Real estate investors need to know the ins and outs of raising money and finding deals. The time and effort you put into searching for an agreement will be for nothing if you do not have the severe cash to tie up a bargain or funds to obtain it.

When making one on a property, always place an earnest cash deposit with your offer. Raising even a few dollars can be a big deal in starting a real estate investment business; leave aside the requirement to buy the property if you live paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, if you work on getting capital from commercial money lenders and close deals, you will have ample opportunity for investment success.

Finding private money lenders

  1. The primary circle of investors mainly consists of family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Investors often turn to family and friends for their funding needs. This is a popular way of financing because it is easy to get and talk to the individuals who know you more, and they are likely to say yes. However, there are some disadvantages to raising funds from families, as they may not be sophisticated enough to differentiate between a good and a bad deal. Being very clear about the risks and downsides is essential.
  2. The secondary circle of investors mainly consists of the colleagues and friends of your immediate primary process investors. This is the second best way of raising funds with private money lenders as they will listen to you, keeping in mind that your immediate circle of mutual contacts has approved you. There are some demerits of raising funds from secondary investors as it is likely to consume more time to raise money because they say yes and don’t know you personally. Prepare an investment presentation and meet these investors to raise funds.
  3. The third circle of investors isis removed from other networks because you don’t know them. It takes longer to convert these investors into capital partners.

Finding these private money lenders has been the most challenging for real estate investors. However, you can utilize websites, post your investment opportunity, and actively contact potential third-party circle of investors.


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