Traversing the Commercial Hard Money Loan Path

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Updated on Thursday, June 29, 2017

The type of commercial hard money lenders who lift the meaning of private money has grown as a result of the growth of their influence in the past period. Borrowers now need a good broker who will guide them through the lending process.

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Private Money Loan

This is a type of loan that is obtained through a non-bank institution or other financial companies or a private money lender. Several loans from conventional sources may be considered as private money; however, there are various types of funding that fall under Private money.

Different countersigning

Every lending platform has its distinctions in addition to general types of loan. These differences are driven by some factors that may impact the countersigning limits and the loan process.

Liquidity and issues of focus

Commercial hard money lenders have a fixed amount of capital and have the duty to manage cash because they don’t duplicate money like the government. Private money lenders that grasp commercial hard money loans on their balance- sheets might need to exclude issues of concentration that may be either in a precise borrower or a type of property to achieve bigger expansion.

Flexible versus non-flexible capital

Flexible or discretionary money is a loaning policy where the lender has the power to approve or drop a loan even if investors are involved. On the other hand, non-discretionary capital requires the lender to obtain further financier approvals.

Balance-sheet versus non-balance -sheet lending

Stock or balance-sheet lending is a platform whereby the lender holds the loan in its own collection or portfolio. Non-balance-sheet lending is whereby the loan is in the long run retained by a party apart from a lender.

Different combination

In most cases, private money lenders are also branded as commercial hard money lenders. Moreover, commercial hard money lenders have the belief that no countersigning, scrutiny or due diligence should be done on the commercial hard money loans. However, some private money lenders, for instance, peer-to-peer and crowdfunding practice a more comfortable countersigning standard hence shifting the bulk of credit risks to other so as to compete in a very fluid style.

When you are at work and building relationship with a lender, it is always advisable to ask whether they have a discretionary money or even whether they will be a need for other approvals so as to be safe from any astonishment during the countersigning process.

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