Residential Hard Money Lenders

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017

Residential hard money lenders are lenders who have enough money to loan and are ready to cooperate with borrowers from any economic background.  This type of borrowing has its own differences when compared to borrowing with a traditional mortgage lender.

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A residential hard money loans lender can be anyone who is in a business of giving commercial hard money loans to individuals to make a purchase. A commercial hard money lender can sometimes be a company that offers loans to borrowers. There are several benefits of using commercial hard money loans despite the high interest rates. It is a god alternative to the traditional bank funding.

Advantages of commercial hard money lenders

  • You can get your funds quickly and be able to access funds on your residential investment property
  • The application process is easier and there are fewer qualification required from the borrower compared to traditional bank funding.
  • You can get commercial hard money loans even with a bad credit score. In many cases, lenders check your credit reports to determine if they can approve your commercial hard money loan. However, lenders are often willing to also work with individuals with a bad credit score history.
  • There is lower down payment on your loan.
  • Commercial hard money loans are flexible.

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