6 Reasons Borrowers Should use Hard Money to Fund Deal

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Montag, 26. Juni 2017

Why Should Borrowers use Private Money Loans to Finance Deals? 

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Hard money loans or private lending offer a good alternative investment option for real estate investors with experience in the industry; through the process, there is a better platform to explain complicated deals to investors with the right accreditation.


Private money offers a myriad of real-estate investors willing to back secure deals that traditional banks cannot or will not back up. However, the lack of access to traditional funds does not always have to mean that you need to walk away from a sound deal. There is a large pool of capital available through private money loans for excellent and secured deals.


Often, traditional banks walk away from such good real estate deals to avoid going against the government or institutional regulations. On the flip side, private investors do not operate under such regulations and are free to make independent investment decisions by analyzing the merits of the deal and putting their money where they believe they will get a return.


While analyzing interest loan, private money loans compare favorably to traditional loans when you factor in all fees and points. Additionally, hard money loans come with flexible terms where the lender and the borrower can work on a custom deal that suits both parties.


Private investors are often individuals with experience in business with executive powers. This experience helps them appreciate the need to make timely decisions. Borrowers can approach them with the confidence that they can get a response in a short time without investors having to check in with boards and committees.


Private lenders give borrowers the confidence that the money is coming from legal and reliable sources. The funds come with legally binding contracts, where both the lender and the borrower have to honor the terms. The contracts often safeguard all real estate lending concerns, giving both the lender and the borrower an opportunity to make the right decision.

Ease of Use

There are several brokers in hard money lending to connect real estate investors with interested parties. The brokers vet the investment opportunity and all involved parties. They also add value to the to the deal through their extensive network of realtors, brokers, borrowers, attorneys, investors and private money lenders.

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