7 Actionable Tips for B2B Reddit Marketing

Reddit is a great platform for generating B2B leads. A systematic content-driven approach offers great ROI on B2B Reddit inbound marketing.

last updated Thursday, September 21, 2023
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7 Actionable Tips for B2B Reddit Marketing


Reddit is one of the best social media sites for B2B marketing because the informed and savvy audience there has little patience for anything that does not add value to the community.

The average Reddit user is an American male aged 35 years and with an annual income of around $70,000.

Here's how you can run a successful B2B Reddit marketing program.

Become an active Redditor.

The first thing to do to implement a B2B Reddit outreach is to become an active "Redditor." Reddit is a community-driven platform; folks here are sticklers for rules and etiquette. So, make sure you follow posting guidelines.

Add content to relevant subreddits.

Once you've got a feel of how Reddit works, consider adding content to relevant subreddits to initiate your B2B Reddit lead generation campaign. Great content gets upvoted, and poor content gets downvoted and falls away. Engage with the community such that your inputs add value to a discussion. Bring something new to the table, answer questions, resolve doubts, and provide breaking news - do these, and you'll gain traction on Reddit. It takes an effort to earn a reputation and goodwill on Reddit. Protect it and constantly work to improve your standing among fellow Redditors.

Comment on others' submissions within subreddits.

Strike a balance between sharing information by commenting on others' submissions within your chosen subreddits. In the beginning, bolster your presence as a helpful member by focusing more on voting and commenting on posts made by others.

Establish your presence across multiple subreddits.

Establish your presence across multiple subreddits where your target B2B Reddit audience is most likely to be found. Cast your net wide so you have enough numbers to work with when you begin pulling the catch into your buyer's funnel. "Subreddit Search" and "Content Search" are helpful features that help you seek out subreddits best suited for your B2B Reddit marketing plan.

Engage in active subreddits.

Engage in active subreddits where you can easily make out user participation. Avoid temptations to game the system, and don't go for short-term benefits. Do not repost downvoted content. Do not market exclusively and at the cost of contributing to the community. B2B Reddit marketing is an organic process that pays dividends over the long term. Don't bother with catchy, clickbait type of titles. They won't work. This is an intelligent community that includes B2B decision-makers.

Reddit offers real-time insight into activities.

The upvotes/downvotes constitute Karma. If your participation through comments and posts is well received, you will accumulate good Karma points that you can see against your name. If not, you need to give it thought and tweak your approach to getting the best ROI on B2B Reddit marketing spend.

These CPM ads are highly targeted and reach out to viewers browsing relevant subreddits. "Promoted User Post" allows you to promote relevant content by others; you can insert a link next to your byline.

B2B Reddit marketing requires assiduous split testing. Study analytics to understand how Reddit traffic behaves on your site. Experiment with ad copy and SEO and create Reddit-specific landing pages for lead generation.



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