John Burson 
edited Monday, May 8, 2017

Have you noticed the number of visitors to your virtual magazine or newspaper dwindling? It may be worrying since you’ve spent time and effort to produce hot topics and cutting-edge content, which should increase readership, not decrease. It’s critical to understand the reasons your readership has dropped and work on a strategy to bring them back, and even exceed the initial numbers.

Here are the reasons your readers could be walking away and affecting your b2b marketing strategy:

Your Readers Are Pre-Occupied

It’s true your readers are busy reading other blogs, engaging in social media, and listening to podcasts. According to statistics by Digital Trends, the U.S citizens check their Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts over 17 times every day. Therefore, your real competition is no longer about the magazine next door, but the marketer who embraces the virtual platforms to communicate to readers in a language they resonate with.

The learning trends have drastically changed over the years. People no longer go for content that is just good-looking and informative, but they prefer interactive forms of information sharing and learning. Katherine McKnight, a renowned author, and educator notes that many people currently seek virtual avenues to consume information.

The Appetite for More Options

Readers today prefer learning from a variety of choices. They want to take control of their learning process by engaging with their content and choosing which platforms suit their needs and circumstances. For example, some readers now prefer accessing information at the comfort of their smartphones using downloadable apps. The American Express Institute recently revealed that about 78% of smartphone users read their news from their phones. Others prefer reading their news in online book-form formats where they can flip through the pages to have a more real reading experience. Additionally, several other users choose to listen to news through podcasts and live-stream videos.

How Do I Improve Readership?

The bottom line is to give your readers what they want- an interactive, engaging, multi-digital platform. Make it simple for users to search your content and access the specific information they need in whatever formats they prefer. Also, provide options to print out the content since some consumers love to feel the physical aspect of content in their hands. It is also important to allow for downloading and saving of such content to enable them to access it in future. Audio files and videos should also be downloadable on smartphones and other gadgets for audiences to access your news information on the go.


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