B2B Magazines: Top Trends and Challenges for Marketers

Learn about the top trends and challenges faced by B2B marketers while publishing B2B Magazine. Paperfree Magazine offers tailored information to help you to grow a personal career and your organization.

last updated Thursday, February 1, 2024
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B2B Magazines: Top Trends and Challenges for Marketers


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The launch of Technically Mobile magazine rocked the digital printing industry but sadly discontinued its services before seeing the light of day. This piece will highlight some of the digital magazine trends that every editor-in-chief should consider and the challenges facing today’s online publications in the clustered information world.

Digital magazines are just in their infancy stage, but their growth is quickly offsetting the slowing of magazine sales. According to the Audit Bureau, in the first half of 2015, the circulation of magazines dropped by an average of 5% while digital circulation increased by 21% year over year, hitting a massive 409,414 mark.

Challenges Facing the B2B Digital Magazine

Statistics indicate a healthy growth rate for digital magazines, but online publishing comes with many challenges. Here are the common challenges facing the digital magazine:

  1. Pleasing everyone- B2B digital marketers cannot create a single piece of content to reach every clientele. You have to tailor your content to suit all buyer personas at various levels of the buying process.
  2. Designing for mobile media- presenting content for the digital market is a new field, and print-centric marketers must re-formulate their content.
  3. Information delivery- everyone wants to access online content seamlessly. Technically, it was offered via email subscription and could be accessed from iPhones and Android.
  4. Being dependable- it’s important to generate regular content over a period to build credibility.
  5. Return on investment- If you depend on subscription revenues, you’ll most likely not sustain the platform, according to a report by Hubspot’s Digital Publishing Benchmarks.

The Troubles with Technically Digital Magazine

The Technically digital publication contained complementary video summaries, links to more sources, great content tidbits, and in-depth articles. However, its limited availability in Android and iPhones hindered readers. Many users never wanted to download extra apps or alerts on their phones. The elaborate steps and time it took to navigate Technically were not worth the effort in today's fast-paced world.

Technically, it was then brought to the company’s website, and the content was promoted in a pop-up ad and banner ad on the homepage. The same content was shared with users through a landing page of the website, creating a unique B2B content marketing platform while utilizing the benefits of SEO.

Providing the magazine online gave users the easiest way to access the entire publication and download it for offline use. Additionally, the content improved SEO ranking and increased traffic and brand credibility. It also offered low cost, competitive advantage, and ROI.

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