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Smart cold calling remains one of the best tools for the B2B lead generation despite the fact that the platform was abused by some forceful, poorly trained sales representatives. According to research carried by MarketingSherpa, 92% of B2B buyers would accept cold calls if the person at the other end is relevant and straight to the point. Make cold calling as part of your holistic B2B lead generation strategy for maximum benefits.

How to Do it Right with Cold Calling

Cold calling can only be effective if you create a separate sales development department with specialized training in cold calling. Alternatively, you can hire the services of firms specializing in Tele-prospecting. Connect cold calling campaigns with your ongoing B2B marketing and reputation-building activities. Ensure that your Tele prospectors are adequately trained to be articulate, engaging, smart, and organized.

How to Improve Teleprospecting Performance. Here are seven ways you can significantly improve your B2B lead generation through Tele-prospecting:

Sustain the Call

Teleprospecting works best if you can sustain the call for longer and make it consistent. Avoid pressurizing your prospect to make a purchase on the first call but take your time to make a follow up with more information.

Maximize the Opportunity for Every Call

Avoid hanging up whenever your targeted audience is not available. Take time to ask for alternative decision makers. You never know, it could be the guy who would finally call the shots.

Use Call Guides as Opposed to Scripts

Telemarketers usually use scripts while sales development reps and Tele prospectors use call guides. It’s because scripts leave no room for open discussion and asking questions. Allow flexibility and accept variable outcomes while at the same time promoting your key relevancies to the prospects.

Value your Executive Assistants

Some managers view executive assistants as barriers to dialogue initiation. Develop a good relationship with your administrative or executive assistants and utilize their sphere of influence.

Remain Relevant and Well Informed

The worst mistake you can make in B2B telemarketing is to call a prospect you know nothing about. Get a sound working knowledge about the prospects and their company. Most importantly, understand the challenges they face and suggest solutions.

Gain the Prospect’s Opt-in

During your conversation, it's critical to request for the permission to send emails with helpful information on the subject. Mostly, you’ll get an affirmative response and create a platform for further engagements.

Make Follow-Ups

Make sure you keep the communication flowing by making a precise and prompt follow up. Do so in a manner that you had requested so that you don’t appear pushy.



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