B2B Email Marketing: 10 Quick Tactics for Lead Generation

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Montag, 8. Mai 2017

B2B email marketing is proving to be effective lead generation tool. Learn 10 quick tips to reach your B2B email lists in the best way.

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How much priority do you give to B2B email marketing strategy for lead generation? Statistics by a B2B Lead Generation Trend shows that Email marketing ranks as the fourth most effective tool for lead generation, and second most commonly used tool for B2Bb marketing.

The report was conducted by the B2B Technology Marketing Community and sponsored by BrightTALK. The group founder of the community, Holger Schulze, indicated that the survey covered 600 marketers on LinkedIn and tackled issues on how b2b marketers are coping with new challenges and identifying new market trends and best practices.

How effective is Email Marketing?

The report indicates that 25% of marketers considered email marketing as “very effective” lead generation tactic while 55% showed that it was “somewhat effective.” Only 12% of respondents believe that email marketing is not effective for lead generation. This indicates that the vast majority of marketers have used this tool for lead generation and experienced its effectiveness.

How much do Marketers Use Emails for Lead Generation?

Among the respondents interviewed, over 92% admitted that they incorporated email marketing as part of their b2b marketing strategies. This makes email marketing the second most widely utilized lead generation strategy, after websites. Almost every b2b marketer uses a company’s website to generate leads, with 99% of respondents admitting to using websites.

What Email Tactics are most effective?

The respondents were also questioned about which email tactics they considered most effective. Marketers agreed that content marketing and personalization practices were the most widely used tactics.

Here are the top ten email tactics according to the report:

  • Offering compelling content targeting every stage of the buying process (56%)
  • Providing downloadable content (49%)
  • Segmentation of email according to behaviors (45%)
  • Email automation based on triggers (33%)
  • Dynamical personalization of email content (32%)
  • Segmentation of email campaigns according to demographics (30%)
  • Empowering subscribers to specify their email preferences (19%)
  • Incorporating trivia, games, and surveys (12%)
  • Use of animations and video designs (11%)
  • Introducing user loyalty reward programs (10%)

Although email marketing ranks fourth in overall, Ascend2 and Allegra Networks carried out similar surveys and found out that email marketing tops the list as the most useful tool for lead generation for small and medium sized enterprises. 

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