5 Major Business Problems that Business Process Automation Solves

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Montag, 8. Mai 2017

Business process automation helps business 2 business marketing by solving various problems encountered in day to day operations. Several case studies have proved the importance of this solution for any business.

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Does your enterprise require Business Process Automation (BPA)? How would you tell that you need a BPA solution? The aspect of business process automation is now a common practice for many enterprises that need to save time and money.

Nothing limits the usefulness of BPA to business 2 business marketing, but here are the common problems you can solve through process automation

Painfully Slow File Transfers 

Every business deals with files transfer on a daily basis. Larger enterprises move several thousands of files per day and speed is of the essence. You don’t want those processes to take a huge portion of your time in addition to exposing your data to security issues.

Business process automation enables you to handle your file transfers in simple automated processes. It’s possible to develop a report, compress, encrypt, and transfer documents without clicking a button.

Complex Onboarding and Offboarding

As your company grows and new employees join in, your HR department is likely to draw in piles of paperwork. Onboarding processes usually span several departments resulting in wasted time. Payroll, IT, and HR departments need to exchange information and application profiles need to be created for the new employees.

When an employee leaves the company, the process is similarly tedious. With process automation, all the data input at the BPA software and the rest of the processing is done flawlessly.

Lack of Coordination between the Legacy Systems and your New Applications

Business process automation enables you to consolidate all automated processes under one solid solution. Modern businesses are associated with a complex environment of desperate applications. As new technologies are adopted, the need for point-point-integration of applications is required.

With the right BPA solution, you find a simple methodology for integrating all your critical business solutions under one umbrella.

Manual Compilation and Distribution of Reports

You need a high volume of data to make informed decisions on the future operations of your firm. Manually compiling several reports not only wastes time but also gives room for human error.

Business process automation can generate reports automatically in several formats and integrate the same with other actions. For instance, you can program a software to pick data from email attachments, input the data into an excel sheet and forward to stakeholders.

Compliance with External and Internal Regulators

Businesses must comply with certain internal and external regulators to operate optimally. Examples are PCI, HIPPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). The process of generating the required information for the auditors can be made flawless using business process automation solutions. Data encryption levels adopted in your BPA will help you to meet the required security and protection standards. You can set up the system to generate quarterly or annual reports in the specified formats.

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