John Burson 
edited Thursday, September 21, 2023

Many businesses traditionally relied on antiquated platforms like fax, phone, email, and handwritten orders to conduct business. The methods were slow and error prone calling for the emergence of more accurate e-commerce platforms like NuORDER that has improved sales by over 17%, reduced costs, and helped businesses to make sales 33% faster than before.

SaaS-based B2B e-commerce platforms provide businesses with a holistic solution that is continuously managed and updated. Here’s is a clear elaboration of critical components of the modern B2B e-commerce platform and their benefits:

1) Enabling Sales

B2B commerce platforms provide useful tools for sales teams to acquire more buyers, increase average order value and revenue, and retain existing clients through marketing automation, digitization, and personalization. 

  • Customized Linesheets

E-commerce solutions provide flexible tools for creating graphic line sheets in minutes hence saving time you would spend designing, drafting, and printing such materials. Additionally, your sales teams can easily change and update line sheets in line with buyer’s preferences. 

  • Flexible Costs

After spending a long time building special relationships with your buyers, a B2B e-commerce solution provides a tool for customizing your pricing for specific buyers without affecting the general price tags for other buyers. 

  • Online Ordering

Sales reps usually facilitate most wholesale purchases but other purchases and restocking can always be automated through self-service platforms. Provide your clients with online purchasing experience 24/7 to reduce delays and save costs. 

2) Marketing

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Modern B2B eCommerce solutions provide options for email marketing for creating and sending promotional emails to buyers. You can use the tool to push out customized line sheets, notify buyers of new merchandise, and enhance your sales.

  • Merchandizing

Branding and merchandising your product is necessary for exposing your brand and improving sales. A B2B e-commerce platform allows you to create a unique online experience with merchandising capabilities through custom imagery, descriptions, banners, and layouts. 

3) Mobile Applications

Mobile applications allow sales reps to have a fast and flexible alternative to tons of printed catalogs. They can view inventory, search products, create line sheets, and dispatch proposals on the go.

4) Tradeshow Platforms

  • Offline Tradeshows

Most tradeshows do not have access to the internet. B2B solutions provide mobile apps that enable offline access and automatic updates once you restore the connectivity. 

  • Barcode Scanning Capabilities

When the mobile app is linked to a barcode scanner, your sales reps get a powerful tradeshow solution by replacing handwritten orders, highlighting products, and page flipping. 

5) Report Generation

A B2B Commerce solution boosts better decision making by generating common reports on buyers, inventory, and sales.

6) Integration with ERP

When you integrate your B2B commerce platform with ERP, you can significantly improve efficiencies within your business. The automation allows automatic order entry and real time inventory updates hence reducing order entry errors by up to 99% and eliminating handwritten typos.


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