LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost: How to decide if It's Worth It

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Monday, May 8, 2017

Linkedin sales navigatorLinkedin sales navigator cost
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cost: How to decide if It's Worth It
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You may have asked yourself whether LinkedIn sales navigator is worth using for sales prospecting and ways you can measure your investment. A recent research was conducted where 95% of the results indicated that a LinkedIn sales navigator or a premium level account isn’t necessary.

What to Consider

The most important points that you should know as a B2B sales prospecting person include:

  • The free trial version: Is one month enough?
  • Cost:  How and when will you recover it?
  • Success Yardstick: This involves all the leads found and that qualify.

Demerits of the 30-day free version

You will rarely hear of people talking about the LinkedIn sales navigator free version. This is because most B2B sales prospectors need more than 30 days to judge a sales prospecting tool. The LinkedIn sales navigator 30 days free version isn’t free, but a discount on the first six months after subscription. This is because many B2B sales prospectors need a minimum of 6 to 12 months to gauge whether they are having a positive impact.

The Cost                                                                    

You can measure whether your investment is worthwhile by examining the benefits, especially sales advantages. The LinkedIn sales navigator is inclusive of:

  • InMail: This is the most common package.
  • Free InMails: Anyone on LinkedIn can send you a message free of charge.
  • Saved searches: It’s beneficial if you have several searches
  • Search filters: there are an additional eight search filters.
  • More search results.
  • Inductions: You can send a message to anybody that you would want.
  • Unlimited profile searches: This means that you don’t have to worry about reaching the maximum search limit.
  • Programmed lead endorsements on potential leads
  • Visibility on who has seen your profile

Neither of these features is good or bad. However, you should first inquire if they are worth paying $79 every month.

Success Yardstick

It’s not clear when the $129 cost per seat team fee comes into play since it’s not discussed publicly by LinkedIn. However, justifying the cost should only come in sales numbers.

Sales numbers

Most businesses measure the soft value when evaluating the LinkedIn sales navigator. LinkedIn encourages the use of the soft yardstick through its Social Selling Index. Each category of the SSI is built on a practice of using LinkedIn. Other users have found them effective and important in productivity. Therefore, LinkedIn sales navigator can help you succeed at finding and closing leads.

Keep an Eye at the Vanity Metrics

The LinkedIn SSI has its basis on the establishment of a brand, building and engaging relationships, and finding the right people. However, these bases have an immeasurable quality component. For instance, when LinkedIn sales navigator reps are unskilled at communication, they will be less successful at meeting and closing deals with prospects.

Although LinkedIn SSI indicator is effective, being active on LinkedIn doesn’t mean that you will be a productive seller. Making sales depends on qualitative behavior and business outcomes. This means that you have to make sales appointments via InMail or email.

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