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edited Thursday, September 21, 2023

A digital ecosystem is basically an interaction between companies to realize common benefits. Just like the natural ecosystem where living things interact in a given area, the digital space incorporates a network of companies linking to each other’s services and partnerships.

The Modern Ecosystems

The big players like Apple and Google have successfully established a digital ecosystem by placing their own platform at the center. All other services are then linked to the platform and with other services. For instance, your Apple account is linked to several other Apple services like Apps Store, iTunes, Apple TV, and iCloud. However, all these services can be accessed from this single account through all your Apple gadgets.

If you look at it from a B2B perspective, is a good CRM software that enables innovation through partnership. The platform has acquired multiple services over the years including and Chatter. Another important platform is the AppExchange where third party providers can connect their apps to be accessed by Salesforce customers.

Some companies develop an ecosystem that incorporates other companies and use their services to improve or extend a portion of their business to other players. A retailer working both offline and online can corporate with a number of industry players including creative agencies for their marketing campaigns, development agencies to do the implementation works on their website, technological partners for optimization and analytics, and e-commerce sites to host their website. This way, the retailer doesn’t have to carry these activities in-house but rely on the expertise and experience of the partner companies.

The Power of Integration

A powerful digital ecosystem will only be effective if all services are interconnected. For instance, Google Plus can recommend to you some websites based on your browsing history on YouTube or Chrome. Also, documents you have generated in Google Drive can be shared through Gmail.

Why Digital Ecosystem is Important for Ecommerce Players

Any company looking to expand its territories can develop an ecosystem as well. You simply need to get the right partners to complement your solutions as you complement theirs. At the end of it, you’ll serve the end user better by both services. By having numerous third party vendors on your platform, clients can get instant access to services that relate to what you offer. Data sharing is also possible across the platforms.

In overall, the greatest benefit is the fact that the applications are no longer isolated but working as a unit to meet your business needs. This saves time and money by delivering all the big ideas you have for your website and probably did not have adequate resources to accomplish


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