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Quora for B2B marketing is a good idea. Why? Because like Reddit, Quora users are educated, opinionated, and open to new ideas. And like Reddit, Quora also is a community-driven social media site that does not tolerate fluff.

With a planned approach, you can leverage Quora for B2B outreach and make this platform a part of your inbound marketing program to address a target audience.

Folks on Quora ask all sorts of questions, and people with subject-matter expertise or personal experience answer them.

Think a little outside the box and consider topics that can tie-in to your product or service even if, at the first glance, a relationship may not be apparent.

Create a bio on Quora

Place your link there. The key to doing well on Quora for B2B is to make a connection with fellow Quorans. Honest answers that people can relate to, answers that come from your expertise in the field, and well-researched answers are always appreciated. This said SEO for Quora is a must. Optimize your answers to get the search engines interested.

Building a presence on Quora for B2B is an organic process

Even if you answer one question in a day, make sure that you're adding to the sum total of knowledge already out there. In a month, you'll have answered thirty questions, and of these, even if five resonate with the audience and get you upvotes, you will get traffic from Quora.

Always keep an eye out for unanswered questions that offer you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge

The individual who has posted the query may be contemplating a purchase, and your answer may help him make a decision. And very likely, you'll generate a B2B lead from Quora for your business.

Quora for B2B offers you a chance to share information about your industry

Share information about your industry experience and background, as listed in your bio, lends credibility to what you share. You can operate on Quora with an advantage that others don't have.

Reading questions will help you develop an instinct for "intent"

You'll be able to pick out questions that convey a desire for taking action. Target these questions and you'll be more successful with Quora for B2B.


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