Digital Ecosystem Maps for Digital Marketing Success

    by Aditi Bansal @aditiban

Updated on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Your business is likely to be faced with an outwardly unlimited amount of digital tools and platforms all at your disposal as the technology keeps developing a rapid speed. Many people get confused while selecting the best channel for your digital marketing strategy and how to inter-connect them.

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It is important to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is as successful as possible and choose the best channel that will be efficient in targeting your ideal audience. Therefore, the best solution for you will be creating a digital ecosystem map. This will help you know how your target audience behaves.

A Digital Ecosystem Map

According to UX BOOTH, the name is inspired by biology where a digital ecosystem map is a name given to a set of products, services, and people that function together in a typical way. It also refers to as a network of individuals interacting with products and services. The advantage of a digital ecosystem is the ability to evaluate user behavior at the connection of various infection points. This involves asking a diversity of questions. All of which will be answered by the research done by your target audience.

Benefits of a digital ecosystem in digital marketing success:

Gives a better appreciative of your audience

Picturing your digital ecosystem offers understanding and insight into user’s communication with your brand and how their online and offline actions connect.

Creating an ecosystem map will deliver the visualizing. A digital ecosystem creation starts with a comprehensive research on the consumers. This leads to a graphic representation of their connection with your products.

Signals you to any pain topics

To get insight into the helpfulness of your services and products, conduct research directly with your users. Your product may not be involved with your users the way you expected. A digital ecosystem map uncovers hidden pain facts that are possibly pushing clients away from your products and services

Recognizes opportunities

When you analyze your ecosystem map, you can present many solutions to your customer’s problems. However, it can also pinpoint unforeseen opportunities and new ways of thinking. Do a user research to authenticate the ideas which manifest. Conducting an inclusive user research will enable you to sense check changes.

Inspires connectivity

A digital ecosystem map will give you a hawks eye of all online and offline touch facts that mark your audience interactions with. Your business will get a useful knowledge on how to connect the variety of interactions. This will ensure that you provide your clients and prospect the best experience.

Always bountiful

After having the visuals on how your target audience behaves and how their activities interconnect, you should use when developing a new website or launching a new app. The insight and intelligence that your business has gained should be utilized from time to time.

To achieve you’re a successful digital, it is important to have a digital ecosystem map. It points out problems and opens opportunities for your business.

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