7 Ideas to Engage a B2B Audience via Instagram

    by Aditi Bansal

Updated on Monday, May 8, 2017

B2B Instagram marketing is a powerful but underused tool. It is an excellent way to introduce the human element into your marketing. Integrated with other online marketing efforts, it enables you to connect with the top decision makers in your target audience.
7 Ideas to Engage a B2B Audience via Instagram
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If you're a B2B marketer and you don't have a presence on Instagram, then you're missing a big opportunity to reach out to a very relevant audience. Each day, nearly 55 million photos get shared on Instagram. Pictures speak louder than words, and you can market your business on Instagram once you have some ideas to work on. So, here goes.

Connect with the audience at a human level

A great way to do so is to share your company's culture via images. Share your company's history, evolution, landmarks, and growth. Your products would've touched the lives of millions. Let people relive it through images.

Share educational videos and demos that answer questions

15-second videos that can be uploaded onto Instagram are ideal platforms for spreading the word about new features, upgrades, tweaks, and maybe the occasional trial that didn't go as planned. Remember to optimize each post for SEO. B2B Instagram marketing is a great way to popularize content that you post on your blogs,

B2B Instagram marketing is a great way to popularize content that you post on your blogs, social media, etc. A carefully chosen image and heading inform viewers about updates on other channels and drives traffic to those platforms.

Create hashtags

These could relate to new releases, industry happenings, past achievements, anything that illuminates the reader brings a smile to his face or makes him think. Instagram gives people an opportunity connect at a human level. Always factor this into your outreach via B2B Instagram communications.

Always cash in on opportunities provided by other hashtags relevant to your audience and your industry

For example, if a trade-show that you've attended runs a hashtag, then use it with the images you upload. B2B Instagram advertising requires that you keep an eye on developing trends and ride a wave whenever you can.

Engage with the thought leaders in your field

You will save yourself a lot of hard work in your B2B Instagram promotions if you can get the decision makers and opinion influencers to follow your B2B Instagram handle. Like and comment on posts by your target audience. Let them know that you have a presence.

Accentuate the positives about your company

Smart B2B Instagram marketers know the value of accentuating the positives about the company; and, it's not always about the profits and scintillating products. If you really want to spread good vibes about your organization, then share images of happy employees. Sound bytes and comments from satisfied workers send powerful messages, subliminal and overt, that this company is worth doing business with.

Striking a chord with B2B Instagram clients always works. The decision makers are humans with emotions, and if you can stimulate the right emotions with your choice of images, then the actions desired by you will follow. B2B Instagram marketing is a powerful weapon that should be in your arsenal.

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