The Top 12 LinkedIn Tools to Improve Sales Prospecting

    by Aditi Bansal @aditiban

Updated on Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

Discover the list of 12 Linkedin tools to boost sales. Learn about Linkedin Sales Navigator, Linkedin Plugins, Leadfuze, Outro, Rapportive.

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Are your sales teams generating enough sales from LinkedIn leads? Many b2b companies recognize the impact LinkedIn has on sales due to the platform’s amazing membership of over 433 million people distributed across more than 200 countries.

LinkedIn is so far the leading b2b marketing strategy, and anyone looking to network with prospects with a broad range of job titles should embrace it.

Here are the top 12 LinkedIn tools that will improve your sales as a social media marketing professional:

Crystal Personality platform

Sometimes b2b marketers become creative by experimenting different personality platforms like Crystal to describe services. For example, you can use Crystal to gain immediate access to thousands or millions of targeted personality profiles and freely share information with anyone you come across.

LeadFuze Prospecting Tool

With over 430 million prospects to navigate in your search for leads, it’s easy to find yourself drowning in piles of data with no clear guidelines on which way to go. LeadFuze tool allows you to generate a list of leads and targeted accounts through a simple query. Additionally, the LeadFuze enables you to access prospects phone numbers and email addresses that make the sales process easier.

SalesLoft Sales Tool

SalesLoft allows marketers to integrate all the essential sales tools to function together in perfect harmony. Some of the tools you should integrate include Crystal, Owler, InsideView, etc. The platform may not be the ideal choice for beginners, but sales professionals derive the best out of it.

Outro Community

Do you know your leading target accounts? How do you uncover useful leads not in your connections? Outro tool enables you to identify qualified leads from within your connections and outside of your connections- the outro community. In addition to saving search times, Outro allows integration with CRM, contact details exportation, and extraction of reports.

Lead Generation Software: allows users to download lead lists from Linkedin to a document processor like excel. The software can also assist with sending emails to the saved prospect list in addition to personalized outreach messages for your b2b marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool

The sales navigator offered by LinkedIn is a great place to begin when looking to boost sales. It functions to connect sellers with buyers in a unique way. Some of the most compelling features of the sales Navigator include:

  • Using advanced algorithms to locate prospects that match what you’re offering.
  • Sales insights for accurate decision-making.
  • Relationship building tools for continual advancement towards making sales.

LinkedIn Plugin Functionalities

If you choose to add LinkedIn functions to your website, plugins become essential. Some plugins that you can utilize to impact sales on social selling includes Follow, Share, Profile, and much more.

Small Business Description

LinkedIn uses a three-step approach to small business social selling that can be an effective lead builder. When appropriately designed, your small business can significantly improve sales, meet business objectives, and build trust. The three step approach includes:

  • Establish brand presence.
  • Connect with the target audience.
  • Engage your prospects with content marketing.

Guru Network

LinkedIn is not just about finding qualified prospects but gathering adequate information to transform these leads into sales. Guru takes various data from each opportunity and feeds you with:

  • Current clients working in the same industry.
  • Prospect competitors.
  • A guide to sales in the prospect’s industry.

Rapportive Tool

If you're using Gmail, you can transform your inbox into a powerful sales tool. This is made possible with the Rapportive tool. Just install the free add-on for Chrome, and the Rapportive tool will bring Linkedin profile information to your Gmail.

eLink Pro Solution

Most people will visit your LinkedIn account if you first visit their profiles.  eLink Pro allows you to automate the process of visiting different profiles that appear as qualified prospects. You can manage to visit 800 profiles daily, and in turn, 5-10% of the will return to your profile.

Discoverly Tool

Discoverly tool allows you to pull together information about your prospects to one place. For example, you can learn about your prospects engagement in other social media platforms like Facebook and establish a deeper relationship. You need a Chrome browser extension to use the Discoverly Tool.

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