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Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Real estate investment opportunities are supported by sole ownership or through real estate funds and are powered by diverse investment strategies.

Traditional real estate investment opportunities in the modern market aren’t limited to single or multifamily house ownership.

The residential and commercial investment market offers various investment vehicles for passive real estate investors:

  • Real estate syndicates,
  • Publick Real Investment Trusts (REITs),
  • Private Real Investment Trusts (REITs), 
  • Private Real Estate Investment Funds
  • Fractional ownership powered by blockchain infrastructure.

These real estate opportunities require different minimum capital investment requirements, ranging from $100.00 to $200,000.00.

The investment opportunities are opened investments based on investor qualifications:

  • some are open only to accredited investors,
  • some for accredited and non-accredited.

In addition, each option has a unique risk set, holding terms, and tax benefits. This is why you should conduct plenty of due diligence before committing money, especially if your role is a passive real estate investor.

What is the Global Real Estate Market?

The Global Real Estate Market Size: $228T (source SkyQuest Technology Consulting)
The Real Estate of Global Assets by Value: 60%
Publicly traded REITs  of real estate assets: $3T (1.3%)
Real estate privately owned: 98.7%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a real estate investment platform?

A real estate investment platform is a financial entity that offers investors fractional ownership in real estate projects in exchange for their monetary contribution to a collective pool of capital.

Prime examples of real estate investment platforms are crowdfunding websites, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and privately managed funds.

While some platforms offer a broad selection of investment opportunities, other real estate investment platforms concentrate on a particular project or region of the country. Either way, you can study the specifics of a real estate investment offering and select the projects compatible with your risk tolerance levels.

Is real estate an alternative investment?

Yes, real estate investment is part of Private assets alternative investments. The main list of alternative investments:

  1. Private assets: private equity, private credit, private real estate, and collectibles such as art and rare coins.
  2. Hedge funds.

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