EB 5 Investment Amount and Total Cost of EB 5 Visa

The EB5 investment amount is one of the most critical prerequisites stipulated by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Provided below is the latest, updated information related to this requirement.

last updated Monday, April 1, 2024
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Becoming a US Permanent Resident through the EB 5 investor visa program has a few requirements, one of which is the investment amount.

In this article, we will cover:

  • Different investment categories and minimum amounts
  • The future potential minimum amounts
  • Frequently Ask Questions

EB-5 Visa Processing Costs. January 2024

Depending on your filing location, an EB-5 investor visa costs between $4,000 and $4,900.

  • Form I-526 Filing Fee
    The Form I-526, Immigration Petition by Alien Entrepreneurs, requires a $3,675 filing fee.  The consular processing fee will be $345 extra if you are an out-of-country applicant. Your total would be $4020 before the cost of a medical exam.
  • Form I-485
    If you apply within the U.S., you must pay $1140 to file Form I-485, the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Your total would be $4,900 after you add the biometrics service fee. 

EB5 Investment Amount. Project Level.

The EB-5 investor visa program has specific requirements, and the most important is the required investment amount. There are two options for the minimum investment an applicant has to make in the sponsored EB-5 investment project:

  • Option #1
    If the sponsored investment project is in a TEA (Targeted Employment Area), the minimum investment required is $800,000.
  • Option #2
    If the sponsored investment project is outside a TEA (Targeted Employment Area), the minimum investment required is $1,050,000.

EB 5 visa minimum investment as of March 2024

EB 5 Investment Amount
from 2022

Project in Targeted Employment Area

yes no



Download the table as a picture.


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pic. EB5 Amount for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 206

Estimated EB 5 minimum investments as of 2027

estimated minimum
EB-5 Investment Amount
from 2027

Project in Targeted Employment Area

yes no

for CPI 1.07

for CPI 1.07

Download the table as a picture.


eb 5 investment amount

pic. EB5 Amount for 2027, 2028


  • CPI
    The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a tool for tracking how prices change over time for everyday items. It examines the cost of food, clothing, and household items.
  • Investment Capital
    owned and controlled by the immigrant investor. All capital will be valued at fair-market value in U.S. dollars.
    • Capital Includes:
      • cash,
      • real, personal, or mixed tangible assets.
    • Capital does not include:
      • Assets acquired, directly or indirectly, by unlawful means (such as criminal activities);
      • Capital invested in exchange for a note, bond, convertible debt, obligation, or any other debt arrangement between the immigrant investor and the new commercial enterprise;
      • Capital invested with a guaranteed rate of return on the amount invested or
      • Capital invested subject to any agreement between the immigrant investor and the new commercial enterprise provides the immigrant investor with a contractual right to repayment, except that the new commercial enterprise may have a buyback option that may be exercised solely at the new commercial enterprise's discretion.

eb5 investment amount 2023

eb5 investment amount 2024

EB5 regional center investment amount vs Direct investment into EB5 projects 

There is no difference from a capital perspective on how much you should invest into a project sponsored directly or by a regional center.

Investment Compliance. Source of Funds.

Form I-526 necessitates information about the NCE and detailed documentation regarding the source of the invested funds.

Form I - 526 / Source of Investment Capital

Form I 526 Immigrant Petition Source of Funds

fig 1 Form I 526 Immigrant Petition Source of Funds

The primary objective of this endeavor is to establish that the investor is the lawful owner of the invested capital and that the funds have been acquired through legitimate means, as stipulated in the USCIS Policy Manual.

In support of their visa applications, investors can provide a range of documents that can be categorized into four main groups:

  1. Business registration records.
  2. Tax returns or similar documents filed within the preceding five-year period:
    • personal
    • partnership
    • corporate
  3. Proof of other sources of capital.
  4. Certified copies of court judgments, pending civil or criminal court cases, and government administrative proceedings in or outside the United States within the past 15 years.

The requirements for confirming the origin of investment funds are the same for regional center projects and direct investments. 

Additionally, USCIS adjudicators frequently request evidence of the source of funds for administrative fees, necessitating comprehensive documentation covering the investment amount and any associated fees.

Given that investment funds often originate from multiple sources, investors may find it necessary to submit various types of documentation.

To streamline this process and ensure clarity, investors should collaborate with EB-5 professionals or immigration attorneys in identifying the most straightforward and transparent source of their investment funds.

For instance, assets acquired through loans and utilized as collateral to raise the investment amount and funds received from third parties in gifts or loans can lead to intricate sources of fund documentation. 

Conversely, funds from personal savings and investments typically entail simpler supporting documentation.

The Total Cost of an EB 5 Visa

The cost of an EB5 Visa depends on the scenarios you can follow. The main variables that impact the most the cost are the following:

  • Location of Applicant
    Applicant's location during the first stage of the process - inside or outside the US.
  • Location of the EB5 investment project.
    Inside of TEA or outside of TEA.
  • Investment Management.
    Direct or through the Regional Center Investment.

Below is a table that covers most of the costs associated with the EB 5 Visa to Green Card Process.

EB 5 Visa Cost
min (TEA) max (no-TEA)
-$800,000* $1,050,000 EB 5 Project Investment
-$3,675 Form I-526 or I-526E Filing Fee
-$325 $1,140 Adjustment of Status or Immigrant Visa Application Fee
-$50,000 $70,000 Regional Center Administration Fee
-$15,000 $20,000 Immigration Attorney Legal Fees
-$2,000 $10,000 Documents Translation
individual Tax
individual Travel Expenses
-$871,000 $1,154,815 TOTAL UPFRONT COST
+$800,000 $1,050,000 Return of Eb5 Project Investment Amount
+$200,000** $262,500** Potential Capital Appreciation
+129,000 +157,685 TOTAL EB5 COST


* EB5 minimum investment amount

** Potential Return on Investment. Based on a 5% annual return assumption.


What are other global investor immigration programs?

The EB-5 Visa US program is one of the most cost-effective golden visa options compared to Global counterparts like Portugal, Spain, or Greece, which offer the most affordable scheme.

  • Portugal – EUR 500,000
  • EB-5 – USD 500,000
  • United Kingdom  – GBP 2M
  • Greece – EUR 250,000
  • Spain – EUR 500,000
  • Ireland – EUR 1M

How much should I invest for an EB 5 visa?

Recommended - minimum investment into specific projects or projects.

In the first step, pick the investment strategy that best suits your personal immigration and secondary investment objectives. 

Then, the best-fit strategy will dictate how much to invest.

How much money do you need for EB-5?

For the EB5 program, you would need a project investment of at least $800,000, third-party fees of at least $100,000, and government fees of at least $15,000.

Is an investment of $500,000 sufficient for an EB-5 immigrant visa?

The $500,00 is not sufficient anymore; on March 15, 2022, the minimum EB 5 Visa Investment Amount for the EB5 Investment Program was increased to $800,000.

How much capital investment is required for EB-5?

The minimum investment is 800,000 for the targeted employment area and $1,050,000 for the not-targeted employment area. There is no maximum investment.

How much investment is required for the EB-5 regional center?

The minimum EB-5 visa investment for the regional center is the same as direct investment and was set as $800,000 for infrastructure or targeted employment area projects and $1,050,000 for non-TEA projects.

Do EB-5 investors get their money back?

EB5 investment doesn't provide a guarantee on investment. Performing due diligence on each investment and assessing investment risk is essential. 


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