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Eb5 Projects in California , Invest in 8th Largest Economy in the World

California is the most popular state for EB-5 investments, with 158 approved regional centers listed by USCIS as of May 2022.

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EB-5 California market

California is the top state for EB-5 investments and is the most popular with foreign investors. As of May 2022, California has 158 approved regional centers listed by USCIS.

California State Economy

As of 2022, California's gross state product was $3.6 trillion, the highest in the United States. This makes California's economy one of the world's largest, accounting for one-seventh of the nation's gross domestic product.
As of September 2021, California had a total non-farm employment of 16,677,800 among 966,224 employers.
As of September 2022, California's unemployment rate was 3.9%.

The two main ports, the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles are the second-largest ports in the United States. Both ports play a crucial role in the global supply chain and account for about 40% of the TEU volume of all imports to the United States.

The largest sectors of employment in California are:

  • Education and health services.
  • Professional services.
  • Government.
  • Trade, transportation, utilities.
  • Leisure, hospitality. 

Trade and international-related commerce are essential to California's economy, accounting for about one-quarter of its total output. 2008 California's exports amounted to $144 billion ($134 billion in 2007, $127 billion in 2006). 
Computers and electronic products are California's leading exports, accounting for 42% of the state's exports in 2008.

Population of California

According to the United States Census Bureau, nearly one in nine US residents reside in California. 
California's population was 39.54 million on April 1, 2020, representing a 6.13% increase since the 2010 census. Despite experiencing slower growth than the rest of the country during the previous decade, California had maintained a steady population growth for over a century (1900-2020). However, the state lost one seat in the US House of Representatives, the first loss in its history due to the slower growth rate. The estimated state population in 2023 was 38.94 million. 

Between 1940 and 2020, the state saw an average annual increase of about 400,000 people, although the growth rate decreased in the 1990s. Some growth continued during the first two decades of the 21st century. 

However, in 2020, California began to experience a population decline due to out-of-state migration, declining birth rates, COVID-19 pandemic deaths, and reduced internal migration from other states to California.

Historical population

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California State Immigration Situation

California has long been a popular choice for immigrants. According to the American Immigration Council, over 25% of California's population consists of immigrants, and 40% of self-employed business owners in the state are immigrants. Most immigrants in California come from countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, and India.

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