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Real Estate Investment Principles by Bruce Flatt the CEO of Brookfield Asset Management

Methodology | Investment Guidelines | Google Presentation

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Bruce Flatt: "... I would say to anyone that there's never a right strategy in investing. It's whatever strategy fits you and what you want to do."

Brookfield Investment Methodology

Brookfield Methodology

Brookfield Asset Management always operates in a methodology where we're trying to walk away from the cliff, look for opportunities away from where the crowd is going, and not go with the crowd. In real asset investing, that's a vital lesson to learn.

Brookfield Investment Guidelines

source:  YouTube

There are four Investing Principles we follow:
  • Invest where we possess competitive advantages.
  • Acquire assets on a value basis to maximize return on capital.
  • Find assets with inherent cash flow (today or soon) and build sustainable cash flows to provide certainty, reduce risk and lower the cost of capital.
  • Recognize that superior returns often require contrarian/go against current practice thinking.
source: Bruce Flatt Presentation at Google

About J Bruce Flatt

Brookfield Methodology
J Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management, Inc.
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James Bruce Flatt is the CEO of Brookfield Asset Management (since 2002) and a Canadian businessman.
Because of his value investment style, Bruce Flatt has been referred to as Canadian Warren Buffett.

J Bruce Flatt's net worth
He was ranked #622 on Forbes' Billionaires list with a $4.5B net worth. (2022)

source: Wikipedia

Bruce Flatt Book

We did research, but Bruce Flatt did not publish his book yet.
Bruce Flatt Book

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Other real estate investment principles

source: YouTube
Regardless of the exact real estate investment method used by private or public investment companies.

There are four Investing Principles to follow:

1. Am I buying below replacement cost?
2. Are there supply constraints on the local market?
3. What reasons to believe the demand will increase in the future?
4. Is it still upside remaining on the property?

Source: Break Into CRE YouTube channel

About Brookfield Asset Management

about brookfield asset management
Brookfield Asset Management is a global alternative investment and asset manager specializing in real estate investing, infrastructure, renewable power, private equity investing, and credit.
The company was founded in 1899 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Brookfield Asset Management manages assets, including office, retail, residential, and industrial properties; renewable energy projects, such as hydroelectric, wind, solar, and biomass facilities; and infrastructure assets, such as toll roads, airports, ports, and railways.

The company is known for its contrarian investment approach, seeking out undervalued assets in distressed markets and focusing on long-term value creation. Brookfield Asset Management has a track record of delivering solid returns to its investors, and as of 2021, it has over $600 billion in assets under management.

In addition to its investment activities, Brookfield Asset Management is actively involved in corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives and is committed to being a responsible and ethical investor.

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