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Invest in build to rent investment funds

Build to rent investment funds for passive real estate investing.
invest in build to rent

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Paperfree offers build-to-rent investment opportunities through investment vehicles backed by solid investment strategies and a trusted investment organization.

Regardless of the investment option, build-to-rent investment opportunities can be excellent additions to a portfolio with a long-term investment strategy. They allow you to use economies of scale to avoid the substantial cost of these increasingly popular developments and share in the yields once reserved for institutional investors.

For a $25k minimum investment, you can join our build-to-rent fund as a limited partner and potentially receive 6 to 12% returns. Our build-to-rent fund and solo offering are available to accredited investors only. Each option has unique risks, tax benefits, and holding terms. As such, you should thoroughly research our build-to-rent investment options before investing in them.

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