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Opportunistic real estate investment

Opportunistic real estate investment strategy drives capital growth with heights risk of default
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What is opportunistic real estate?

Opportunistic real estate fits into one or a mix of the following categories:

  • New Development: Property represented by undeveloped land and the best economic use of it is to put up a new building(s).
    opportunist real estate vacant land New Development
    Picture: Far Rockaway, Queens,
  • Redevelopment: Real estate, property that has lost its use within an existing building structure and economical sense is to repurpose it for new use.
    opportunist real estate - redevelopment
    Picture: Sears headquarters
  • Distressed Project: Existing real estate structures that are struggling. Distressed properties fail to perform at their full potential for a variety of reasons.
    opportunistic real estate distressed project
    Picture: multifamily buildings 

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