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last updated Thursday, November 16, 2023
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Richard Damming, Senior Investment Director at Schroders.

There are certain features we are focusing on in private equity co-investments:

  1. Firstly, we look at companies presenting ‘mission critical’ businesses that can be resilient to future cruise companies that can sell a product or a service that customers cannot operate without.
  2. Companies that have long-term growth supported by megatrends such as
    1. the aging population,
    2. energy transition,
    3. Hard-to-find specialist skills.
  3. Small and mid-sized companies in European family businesses can offer more growth opportunities. They can also benefit the real economy and are more attractively valued than larger companies. In the buyout space, small and mid companies rely less on the availability of large debt packages and financial engineering to support returns and their transformation (investing in new systems and technology, hiring new management). It makes them less dependent on the global capital markets and, therefore, less correlated with market returns.

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