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Direct-connect insurance needs and insurance products
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Rental Marketplace
Direct-connect rental needs and rental products
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Administrative and Support Services
Direct-connect business needs and support services
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What is market? market is a distribution platform for product vendors, large or small. market is structured as a group of marketplaces and allows millions of problems/needs to be solved by connecting the best matching solutions/products. market focus on problems caused by high level bureaucracy and complicated business processes.

What it does? market connects consumers' needs directly to a vendor's product(s).

How can consumers benefit from market?
The direct connection with a product eliminates third parties and overly-complex interactions. 
The benefits are:
1. A saved product's acquisition time.
2. A lower product price in total.

How does the vendor benefits from market?
Because direct connect with a consumer eliminates third parties and overly-complex interactions. 
The benefits are: 
1. Saved time on delivering each product.
2. Increased value of the delivered products.