John Burson 
edited Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Being an insurance agent or broker in the modern era provides a freedom that was unheard of in the past. Working from home, setting your own hours, creating your own balance of work and play - all of these are enviable. Yet, in a recent survey, insurance producers cited "time management" as one of their greatest challenges.

Time Management Tips for Insurance Agents

Interestingly, similar survey results from 30 years ago stated, "poor time utilization and the lack of planned sales effort," as a Number 1 reason for sales failure. We think technological advances and modern innovation make time management issues a thing of the past.

Here are time management tips for insurance agents that can help.
  1. Block out Sales and Marketing Time. Your business depends on new customers, as well as loyal customers who tweak and enhance their insurance policies. Inevitably, if you don't plan specific, concrete blocks of time for sales, prospecting and marketing, a million and one non-sales tasks will fill in the space.
  2. Don't Go to the Office. During normal business hours that is. Rather than getting sucked into the office routine, keep the office as your task-master space that can be used before or after normal working hours to shuffle papers and accomplish behind-the-scenes tasks. Use working hours to meet with prospective and current clients, underwriters, your agents, etc.
  3. Be critical of your networking time. Networking is valuable but it can also turn to time-wasting social hour before you know it. Be discerning about your networking/social interactions. If the activity isn't working towards a personal or professional goal, cut it out or excuse yourself.
  4. Scout prospects 100% of the time. Don't check out when making your way from appointment to appointment. Look at the businesses, organizations and people you run into or pass along the way and see if any of them are viable prospects. If so, take extra time to meet and greet.
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Time Management Tips